VanMoof eBikes - The UnSteal-able Electric eBike

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VanMoof eBikes

The UnSteal-able Electric eBike


Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 2.02.58 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 2.03.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 2.02.36 PM.png

Hunter's comment

Want a SUPER sexy eBike with built in security... OH BABY I hope you're ready for these photos...

On top of this bike looking rad as hell it's got 166 LEDs that literally light up the frame for an interactive ride and it comes FULLY theif proof!

"Your armed bike responds with a loud warning sound when a thief touches it, followed by an urgent alarm if the thief doesn't back down. Finally, the bike disables its own motor and smart functionality to save energy, flashing SOS with its lights. Once reported stolen in the app, the Electrified sends out a tracking signal until you (or our Bike Hunters) find it."-source

Also, the video on their site has one of the most impressive product videos I've ever seen- and I've seen a lot- these guys know what they're doing- if you've got an extra couple ground lying around you can buy one for yourself OR you can subscribe and borrow one for $19 bucks a month- I mean, no brainer right!!?

I swear this thing is like the bike version of Knight Rider's Kit... oh LORD I wish it could talk to you!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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congrats you are [verified] -- especially because i love electric bikes so much, that looks like a much needed upgraded on electric bikes, in bike battery and lockable/security alarm -- love that.


yayayayyay!! i've yet to find an ebike you haven't seen yet lol you're a true connoisseur my dear- thanks for the verify!


@dayleeo you sure have a talent finding really unknown and new ebikes. Making a solo curation about e-bikes on Steemhunt would be also funny :)


you know, there are so many that we could almost do that! @teamhumble always does a good job of including them in his 10top 10 videos for sure haha if you haven't seen them you should check em out!


  • Extra security measures to prevent theft
  • Normal price for an electric bike but still extra features


  • none, except being an electric bike which prevents you from real sports


  • Very high strength aluminum frame
  • In the part of the rims has stainless steel spokes, which makes the electric bicycle is very resistant.
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Integrated anti-theft system
  • Mobile application to configure custom settings. (Available for Android and IOS)
  • Engine with 4 power levels included
  • Up to 32 KM / H


  • Shopping under reservation, not available in stores yet


  • Amazing design
  • Lightweight
  • Eco friendly
  • Compatible with app
  • Available for iOS and Android


  • Availability

Pros :

  • the design is hard and ductile.
  • The integrated anti-theft system will be helpful to customers.
  • Price is user-friendly, not that costly.

Cons :

  • I can't think of any cons at the moment.


  • Anti-theft Security is at the ultimate level
  • I really love its elegant and sleek design! Such an eye candy for bike enthusiasts


  • This ebike might react to your family or friend for being a theft if they arent recognized. By the way, how should the owner be recognized?


  • Design is good and very simple and built with quality as its priority.
  • Those 166 LEDs being installed in this electric bike sounds astonishing! Too awesome too watch your ebike lighten up the streets.
  • great features like anti-theft system and also its ability to analyze and decide to stop the motor of the bike makes this ebike a topnotch and perhaps best in class performance and user convenience.


  • The price is way too high.

I have mix feelings for this bike. I like the LED and alarm system, but putting so much money on a bike? Not so sure


  • Looks really cool with all the lightings
  • Anti theft. Well thats because the bike cost so much. Of course it needs anti theft system
  • The rest of the specs are pretty good and are what you would expect with such price.


  • $$$

it is SUPER expensive, but to be able to rent for 19bucks a month
that's the deal for me👍

Pros :

  • 30 day return
  • free shipping
  • cool design
  • good price for an design e-bike

Cons :

  • City Bike and only City Bike... But are you really going into the mountains with an e-bike?


  • High-quality bike that looks durable and light
  • Anti-theft features


  • All the extra features make it more worthwhile to steal

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O My Jesus! Take my money! just take my money!! this is a gorgeous piece of engineering. I mean look at it 'Mic Drop' I will literally take one as soon as I can afford one. Will you be accepting steem on the future marketplaces?

Surely you should be able to rent it for Steem, then my friend this will take over the steem work, then the crypto world, then all the worlds. muhahaha soon


LOL its super cool isnt it- WISH i could pay in steem haha👍