The Sensing Umbrella - The umbrella that tracks and visualizes pollution data

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The Sensing Umbrella

The umbrella that tracks and visualizes pollution data


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Hunter's comment

What's worse than having to be out and about on a rainy day? Maybe suffocating from carbon monoxide levels for a start!

"The responsive light display changes colors and rhythm to alert people around it to local air pollution levels. The timestamped and geolocated information then gets uploaded and stored to Cloud for further analyzing."-source

I could see these really catching on especially in big smoggy cities, and for those who have asthma or air quality sensitivities.

Ooh and it glows like a magical pretty jellyfish! :D



Hunter: @dayleeo

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It is good to get the air pollution data by The Sensing Umbrealla. Thanks for sharing. Great Hunt.

It's help us as the human. With thus umbrella, we can detect the air, the water whether impacts by the pollution or not.. Great innovation 👍

Yep! The jellyfish glow is awesome. This will provide great insights without scientists having to bother with collecting data.

I hope the data collection is anonymous ☺


agreed, the more of these that are out there the better! @d-zero

I enjoy the lights on this, I hope there are more designs than just mustaches.

recently Umbrella is very useful


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