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The Guardian On The Go


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As much as I'm against "monthlys" this one is a no brainer, at $9 a month, to know where your loved ones are independent of their cell carriers via a secure mesh network.
"Snowfox allows for quick and effective communication with your loved ones no matter how far they are through a mobile connection. Just log into the app and quickly follow the every move of your child! If you have a senior, they can use the Snowfox device to get in contact quickly should anything occur!"-source

Of course extra points for style and durability, especially good for little kids as it's drop and weatherproof!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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This is something I really need.
Maybe other parents with children need this, too. I have a five-year-old son. If I have this, I can easily know where he is. And my son can easily call me. It's amazing to be on the phone even though it's so small. I think I can rest easy knowing where my son is anytime, anywhere. I really lie it and I'd like to use it. Thank you for sharing.

The SnowFox is a really smart and easy to control device to track and stay in contact with your kids. You can use the device in combination with your smartphone to send and receive messages.
When fully charged the SnowFox lasts for more than a week.
Realtime GPS tracking and communication thru Smart-Mesh Technology.
The package comes with a monthly 9,-$ fee for the tracking Service.
Thanks for sharing this great Hunt!

Interesting stuff and what a fantastic way to adapt the tracking technology. $9 a month seems a bit cheap for some but might be a throat cutter for others.

BTW, is that virtual fence can be customized in some areas?.

Something i like the most is : there is simple phone to contact us (the parents). I am sure this can give more security for our childrens.

I have super beautiful daughter (nyahahaha like in that gif image) and one the fatty boy. I will make sure they get my guard anywhere they go.

With the passage of time technology gives us unbelievable stuff almost on daily basis. We are indeed getting something better than past in every single day. But at the same time hackers and other people also getting advanced so we have to protect our love ones using the same technology intelligently. SnowFox is the same thing which I can prefer to many others due to it's durability and simple features. Thanks for sharing excellent stuff @dayleeo. This type of hunt was required.

Owww, amezing hunt.
really it will be very helpful for the people to connet their relatives, friends and family member. Hope it will make more easier to communicate and brings a new motion for communition. Thanks dear @dayleeo for your excellent hunt. Just keep it up.

Happy Hunting

A really useful device that you can support your family life in danger in real time. This is a smart to know where your kids. It's small that not heavy to bring. The user interface are simple and excellent, the voice call is so functionally. It is easy to use and friendly device for kids. Nice Hunt @dayleeo

This reminds me of an episode of Black Mirror, that did not end well hehehe. Just kidding, I'm sure this is a great way to protect our little children. Nice Hunt!

Wow...Really its have amazing design mem.@dayleeo.
Using this we can get many help.We can find soon where our loves one.Specially for our child I think this will be very helpfull.Because we know some all times we cant with their using this if we find soon where they are it will be big help for us..Also it will be helpfull also for many people also.Love it..
Your hunt always something speciall and helpfull Thanks for sharing..

A very nice way to stay connected to your friends and family by using just a small gadget. Easy to use, stay connected on remote areas.

thank you for sharing this amazing hunt @dayleeo

If you are a guardian then you have to have such kind of product for everyone that will stay you connect to your loved ones even if they are in remote areas.

Thank you for sharing this hunt @dayleeo

This is a great find. Great way to keep track of your vulnerable loved ones.

this product i think so useful because using we can easily find our love one .also i think for children it will be very helpful .we can track soon where our child easily really so cool product. thanks for sharing


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