Potato Parcel - Send a message, on a Potato!

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Potato Parcel

Send a message, on a Potato!



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Hunter's comment

Yep, it's a business that sends your message, through the actual mail, ON A POTATO!

"As we want our customers to spread laughter, kind words, and unexpected fun with our products, we do realize that we are using a valuable food resource to do so."

"Because of this, Potato Parcel donates one potato for every one sold. We have partnered with local food banks to help us distribute them to those in need. We're proud to say that tens of thousands have been donated and consumed thus far!"-source

I've hunted a few platforms to send postcards to loved ones but this is on a whole other level. Maybe I should send Dad for father's day next month ;).

Plus, the whole product is biodegradable! 🤣




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Really amazing approach and fun filled idea to send message anyone on potato. I want to send love letter to my girl friend by using this medium. In future i want to do same on other vegetables and fruit.



Biodegradable potato 🥔, plantable greeting card.
Have I seen everything?
Fun hunt. @dayleeo

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haha thank you! perfect use of emoji!

Laughter for everyone.infact it's a good way to fillfill the food needs of many needy people.it is help and fun both at same place.no doubt hats off to them who started this useful project.lovely hunt.


and you know it will always break down and return to the earth- you can even put it in your compost pile!

LOL...Letter on potato? Why not if it could help to feed another one who need it. Love the idea but not sure how sustainable it would be. As there is no way to preserve the potato for long, may be have to seed it. :)
Interesting hunt! :)


i love that idea! they should include instructions on how to seed your potato with every message

Looks like we are entering a whole new level of postcards lol why send a postcard when you can send them the humble potato? But it's no ordinary potato...well in theory, yup these potatoes can be sent via mail with a special message for someone, you can place faces on them or even complete photos, this potato parcel service is bound to get some receivers confused lol.

Shocking gift, unexpected, unthinkable what else I can say hehe I mean this is something out of your mind but a good idea as I am potato lover and really love this new idea of sending messages

Well this is one hell of an interesting way to send anyone a message no?! I'm a bit baffled but extremely humored!


I felt the same way when I found out about it!

This is kind of cool and innovative. Sending food to people as well as a goodwill message in a potato. This is funny. Maybe oneday, we will have one in pawpaw.



Lol what a funny hunt, sending letters on a potato, but then after using a potato to send a message. What will be the fate of the potato, is it consumable?


I guess if you peeled it and removed the ink it would be ok to eat? at the very least id use it to sprout a potato plant for sure :D


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