Paboco - Imagine a paper bottle in every hand!

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Imagine a paper bottle in every hand!



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Paper that can safely transport and house liquids for an extended period of time? Paper so good it aims to not only replace plastic but GLASS!?

I wonder what it would be like to drink beer out of a paper vessel. I hope one day we're completely free from plastic dependance. I'll always support and share a product like this <3

"The laws of nature speak loud and clear; we need to replace materials threatening our planet and minimise waste creating a negative environmental impact. That's what drives us at Paboco. We are a spearhead innovation company with a single purpose: to pioneer the transformation to sustainable bottle packaging.


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I wonder what it would be like to drink beer out of a paper vessel.

Lol, and i wonder how would it look like for example just imagine the vessel of paper but how will it hold liquid. Would be interesting to see what technology they will use to create such vessel very unique hunt i must say nice finding.

yeah that seems visually so strange! but hey if they can do it i'm game!

This idea is really wonderful for that imagine a bottle on hand. It help people to get this the best solution with an sustainable pakages. Cool.

Yeah, I can imagine a day when we have zero plastics around us. Plastics are threatening our ecosystem.
This seems a nice paper bottle but like many other solutions it needs to be economical for it to be adopted.

Paboco is a nice alternative to get rid of plastic and glass. I hope people will prefer it over plastic to eliminate negative impact on environment. Such a product should be cheap so maximum may adopt them easily. Nice hunt.

WoW pretty cool recyclable and biodegradable bottle & i really like it coz it is produced with zero environmental effect. Overall a sustainable and renewable option to something many of us buy and toss everyday. Excellent Find

Thanks @adnanrabbani👍 have a great day!

Wow. Its awsome. It can be safely transport. A good replacement of plastic to save envoirnment. We must minimize use of plastic because its not safe. Great hunt

Awesome innovation and a really cool way to replace plastic. However, paper contributes to deforestation and climate change as a result of tree removal. There's need to strike a balance.

that's a good point, there needs to be a sustainable source of the paper for sure no sense robbing peter to pay paul as they say

Those who buy plastic will probably continue to do so, since it is cheap. And cost will always be a key variable when deciding on buying something as basic as a bottle. I do think innovation is needed in sustainable packaging. I hope this company is recycling paper, looks like a great product, specially if it can compete with glass/aluminum.

Its very likely that plastic ends up costing us way more in the long run with the costs of shipping and recycling, maybe governments could subsidize the cost to make it more competitive

Such products are the need of time because these are environment friendly and easy to carry as well. Plastic is not good for health and we should make a switch to eco-friendly products from plastic ones. Nice Hunt

Creating such a wonderful product is a remarkable step in the right direction. Glass and plastic are a true menace for natural environment. Using this bottle made of paper can greatly reduce burden on natural environment posed by plastic and other nasty materials.

This would be amazing. No more plastic bottles. Great Hunt!

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, The concept of having a Paper bottle is truly amazing and new in the market and I don't think any other company taken such initiative before. It will definitely gonna replace the plastic and Glass but I think it may have to face the durability problem.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

thanks for your comment @amar15 !

This paper bottle is nice initiative toward eco-friendly and clean planet movement. I would like to have it because its easy to carry and does the job well. nice find.

Sounds great, a quality bottle made by paper. Famous brands should approve it and use only the paper bottles to reduce/minimize the use of plastic.

It is really helpful for sports person because they can;t carry heavy bottle during jogging and work out. It is easy to transport anywhere. Nice hunt

While the concept is niche, there is no details on the market availability or price, looks like they are still in innovation stage.

Very nice product safe for environment. We must minimize use of plastic because its not safe. Thanks for sharing this amazing hunt with us.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really awesome hunt, and I hope it will completely replace plastic which is very dangerous for both our health and environment.
Thanks for sharing with us

no worries if the sea turtles eat a bit of this stuff right? hope we can find alternatives for all kinds of plastics

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Great hunt. Anything that can reduce/eliminate use of plastic is great. Thanks for sharing.

It's a great idea - but we're going to need to increase forests to supply all the paper this would require. I still think glass is a better solution because it lasts longer and we have an infinite amount of silica we can use.

here's what the website says regarding that :)

This product could be game changer and can replace plastic which is really a big problem to all of us. Paper Bottle it sounds great. This is pretty cool idea and the product is very amazing



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