NOON Home - Better Lighting, Better Living

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Better Lighting, Better Living


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Hunter's comment

I'm "Better Living" for that tagline. There are few people on this planet who appreciate the right lighting more than I do.

SInce lighting has so much to do with our mood, focus, happiness and natural rythms it's important to get it right. right?

I love the idea of having custom scenes for say "movie-time" or "chill-reading-a-book-time" or "eating-lovely-ramen-with-extra-siracha-and-teamhumble" time... ya know, the basics ;D



Hunter: @dayleeo

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Great Hunt!


I'm definitely one of those people who appreciate the right lighting like you wrote. I already bought me a app controlled light for my room since it really helps me concentrate when I'm studying or doing stuff. You hunt would be the high end product I hopefully build in my future home.

Keep on the good work!


that graphic is so extra @elleok lol- thanks for your comment!😂

A smart home requires a very good lighting. You must brighten up your whole home. Thanks for your hunt!

I'm a lighting kind of person, and for me perfect lighting is everything! may it be in photos or everyday chill outs. And this tech and innovation will save everyone's day with its presets! so cool! great hunt @dayleeo


i like people who can appreciate good lighting and ambiance ;) - thank you @adeline24 !

Modern days, people get more sensitive to interior design and lightening is not an exception. This one sounds interesting enough to check the details out - nice hunt!

Great hunt! I think good lighting makes our lives rich. This will create a variety of atmosphere in the house. I really like it and I'd like to use it. Thank you for sharing!


i agree and thanks for your comment!

I am really impressed . I hope the match will be included in the future illumination :). We also have a beautiful atmosphere at the same time watching the film. It is very different and quite technological. GREAT HUNT :)

I love how specific the mood lighting presets can be. Mine would probably be somewhere along the lines of "reading way too late into the night time" and "just had a nightmare need all the lights on time". Lol!

On a serious note, I love the vacation mode and the motion activated night lights. Those are two features really make a lighting system smart.


lol @cryptocopy ...

"reading way too late into the night time" and "just had a nightmare need all the lights on time". Lol!"

exactly! 😂thank you as always for your comment my dear!


You're welcome. The mood lighting presets gave me an opening. I couldn't resist. Hahaha.

I like different kinds of lights at my home and I would like to have NOON Home at my home. It is a great product.

LOVE this type of product! As a person who has worked in too many fluorescent offices, I can verify that lighting has a big impact on mood. This product looks great. Great find


fluorescent lighting is one of my worst enemies, i remember how much i hated it in school that's for sure :D @mr-chuckles

It is not only an innovative product but also filled with a lot of aesthetic sense. Right lighting keeps human body clock in rhythm with daylight and night hours.

When I'm locked in my room for days I just feel the urge for some light, quality light:)


agred! us at home digital workers need good lighting! @kid4life

Really light matter..!!! This is the most perfect and most professional customizable lighting system perfect designed as per the requirement whether you are reading or relaxing or dining, for every purpose suitable lighting can adjusted. Beautiful hunt in deed.

Thank you and Have a great day.

This is an incredible piece of invention no doubt an appropriate lighting, without glare or shadows, can help reduce eye fatigue and headaches on top of that it can also prevent workplace accidents by increasing the visibility of moving machinery and other safety hazards. Super Hunt.


great point, one of these in the office would sure be nice, just cant let it get TOO cozy or no one would get anything done @maryambibi !

Most lovable NOON Home

NOON Home is a amazing & modern hunt! It is fully capable of providing better light and better life. Actually, light is very important every day for all the people.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

There is no doubt at all that mood swings and lighting go side by side. I do love the proper lighting specially when I do work online. NOON Homeis more than perfect when it comes to custom scenes. Superb idea and an awesome hunt :)

Great hunt

Customisation of lighting is very important ,there are always different likings of lighting at different times ,like when you are reading you need a bright focusses light and when you invite yout girlfriend to your home ,you need some romantic lighting .

best of luck

Nice Hunt,


  • Automatic Lightning system
  • Install like a Switch
  • Mood set with a swipe
  • Voice Control


  • None

A very interesting device, my doubt is that if the device brings that type of bulbs to reduce its light or one has to buy bulbs separately.

Great hunting, I voted for you ..


I believe it works with what you already have but good point @xak !

Lighting is very important to us as people because you need to see the environment you are. Never walk in the dark. Thanks for the hunt, it is a great hunt!

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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SteemHunt Moderation Team

NOON Home is amazing! Yes totally agree with you words that Better Lighting, Better Living and also want to say Some times the mind gets better due to the bright environment. Thanks for another good hunt.


i agree- always helps to have the right light on a gloomy day to get the work done- that's my struggle today lol

Pros and Cons
-Mak your home a smarter place
-Help make smart home lighting with add ons

-Quite expensive

More like it.... Lighting is really an important aspect of everyday.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful hunt. Looking forward to your next hunt.

Lighting is a very necessary part of our life if we understand the ground reality. Yu shared a great hunt today. I always enjoy your stuff Thanks for another wonderful idea. Keep it up.

It is a nice product.
If the normal switches do not work, the dimmer knobs do not work well.
With this you can regulate the intensity of the light from your asmarphone.

Good hunt
I agree with you.Lighting say our mood in some times.
Its really useful product. Thanks for sharing.

Lighting system is important for me and it depends on my mood as you mentioned. NOON Home looks like a great lighting system for the houses. Great hunt.


mood is a big one when it comes to lighting- i know it effects me massively

We will have better life if we have better lighting. I think lighting influence our mood.

Thanks for your cool hunt!

unnamed (1).gif

Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful



  • Controlling is very easy as it can be done even with voice.
  • It can be customized

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Wow interesting product it is!Realy it is a lovely product of hunt.I got to know a great light through you

indeed lighting can make more changes in real life for better living. lovely hunt you bring

Thanks for your cool hunt and good luck!

I like the idea of this and since we all like to customize everything why not this? Pretty kool. Nice one!


customize all the things!!! 😀@stillwater


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