Laser Pecker Pro - The most advanced portable laser engraver

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Laser Pecker Pro

The most advanced portable laser engraver


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Before I met @teamhumble I was pretty un aquatinted with the wide world of lasers. Particularly cutters and engravers, so now when they pop up I always take note.

I love the portability of something like this, It reminds me of the old school lamp projectors they'd have in the classroom.

This might be an awesome one to keep an eye on for version 2 ;)


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So cool and useful product and i like the fact that it can print directly onto things but won't go through a printer so cool in addition it allow us to draw on most things i think this feature will increase its demand in big way. Awesome Find

OMG i was checking out this product and was shocked to see it pledged round about $375,430$ damn it is something and yes i agree with you its an indeed awesome to keep an eye on its next version. Currently, 35% off is going on and free shipping worldwide so i think the best time to grab

If you grab it let us know what you think!

This is impressive. I can imagine a million uses for this. Great Hunt!


  • Portable
  • Good shape and design.
  • Easy to make design
  • help you record your ideas


  • non

is it used in cutting ? or its just common laser ??

It can cut some soft materials, like cardboard, but it's definitely not industrial strength :)

First time I saw this type laser so thank you very much for sharing this.

Nice thing to carry in pocket. Can be quite handy in personal arts and DIY projects.
Is it children safe???
Nice one there:)

No, I think high powered lasers should be kept away from children, but it does have a safety cage/box so that everything is contained once it's running 👍😉

This is such an impressive way to have text or design engraved on hard surface. It looks so easy and clean. Cool hunt

This looks cool. I was looking for something like this.

If you grab it let us know what you think!

Wow awesome gadget, to engrave names, designs on your products, I will like to engrave my name on wooden keychain. 😍


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