Bohempia - 100% Sustainable Hemp Shoes!

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100% Sustainable Hemp Shoes!


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OK shoes from hemp, who cares right? Why hemp you ask?

"Hemp is a natural fiber that can be grown ecologically in Europe. It solves many sustainable, ecological and social problems. Hemp has been cultivated for 10,000 years to make paper, rope, oil and food. Today it’s also used to make medicine, plastic, concrete and now footwear and apparel. Our mission is to help spread hemp awareness."-source


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What a great and amazing hunt. My foot is long and comfortable many shoes now i am trying this type of uniaue shoes and hopefully this shoes is comfortable for me and relief my foot pain. This shoes make with high quality materials. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

They look a bit like canvas shoes. I imagine they are breathable and your feet don't get hot and sweaty in them! It's nice that ecologically sustainable.


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It is very nice invention and great product, these shoes are made up of very nice material. Great hunt.


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