eMoke - cruisin’ da coast in your buggy, your e-buggy 🤘

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cruisin’ da coast in your buggy, your e-buggy 🤘



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Maybe cruisin’ the coast with a good old-fashioned Jeep or buggy isn’t your thing but #hipstercred compliance requiring you totally would.

Now you can without bad conscience even.

More so... with a car whose on-site design gimmick seems to be to lack (at least) one wheel.

The new eMoke by West Cast Moke America is a full-electronic version of the classic derived from the original British Motor Company army vehicle.

Now your life can come with added “MASH” bonus, all while both enjoying and respecting the environment at max. 25mph and boosting your geek cred as if it were a Buggatti Chiron... for coast hippies.

And for those who want to be absolutely original, West Coast Moke even has a complete configuration for your eMoke of choice!

Starting at around $18,000 this seems the perfect car to cruise while listening to Martha and the Vandellas.




Hunter: @dashroom


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Cool hunt @dashroom We saw many e-bikes and other electronic drives, but not many cars and especially not buggys! Would love to have a buggy! Also cool that you can adjust it to your needs and design...

Keep up the good work and enjoy the day @dashroom


It made me listen to and wonder how it would be to drive it, listening to the OST of both ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’ and ‘Reservoir Dogs’.


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This is a beautiful Hunter where you can enjoy your life beautifully. And this car's features are very beautiful.

an all-terrain jeep in different colors that is the most important as the ladies also need powerful cars but with a feminine color

Like seeing a vehicle during the first world war, it is very vintage, but with a more current electric power drive and body color, it looks cool full of style

The price was a little expensive for a car. But if you want a different and beautiful product you can fold this fiasco. An ideal tool for city sightseeing. Especially for car driving while listening to music.

Great hunt @dashroom. The design of this buggy is awesome. I want to drive this buggy with my family. i wait for your next hunt.

This is looking so pretty buggy, love to travel on this. Just amazing vehicles i have ever seen ☺

The past is back and better than ever, this is a great vehicle with a vintage design but with all the great features of a current vehicle. I really like that we have different options in terms of the color that we can choose, in addition to the fact that it is equipped to offer an excellent performance.


The Bluetooth stereo is ridiculously, prohibitively expensive though. :/

This is amazing vehicle that will gives the type of mist powerful and rugged built up you want.
It can pass through any thing as its built to be filled with rugged material's.

This vehicle looks really powerful and rugged. The buildup is neat and slick offer an entirely new driving experience

The design is kinda old school, I like that. Plus, its gonna take me everywhere I want:=) Congrats on a great hunt


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Nice vehicle but I am not too rich to have one if you know what I mean

This reminds me of playing beach buggy during my college days. Congrats!

I'm not a fan of old school rides, but this looks like a really cool beach cruiser. Turning it into an electric vehicle makes it even cooler.

This is really cute and good for rough places. Hope to have this one :)