Pioneer of a new electro - The new EQC

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Pioneer of a new electro

The new EQC



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Hunter's comment

As the 1st Mercedes-Benz model launched beneath the new product and technology complete equivalent, the EQC options pioneering style details and hallmark color accents. As a very placing feature, the headlamps and air body of water mix into a black-panel surface. The innovative interior style is galvanized by the globe of shopper physics. One example is that the louvred fringe of the panel, that resembles the cooling ribs of a hi-fi electronic equipment. each within and out, the EQC embodies the planning idiom of Progressive Luxury.

Clash of digital and analogue elements.
Unmistakable night design.
Sporty, stretched silhouette.
Tail lights in edge-light technology.



Hunter: @darkline

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