Native Mobile Music Video - The new era of experiencing music video in the plam of hand

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Native Mobile Music Video

The new era of experiencing music video in the plam of hand



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Lyrical faculty, a replacement Japanese idol cluster, free their debut music video for his or her hit song, “Run and Run.” With the insight that Japanese teenagers typically relish observation videos on their mobile phones but wish to not tilt their screen horizontally, the music video was shot in vertical side, with most of the filming done using a smartphone to imbue some way of familiarity.

Through creative piece of writing, the artistic video makes the viewers believe that the pop idol cluster has hacked into their smartphones—with the six members of Lyrical faculty running through the viewer’s smartphone apps.


Bronze (Cyber):2016-Cannes Lions

Silver (Digital Craft), Bronze (Mobile), Music Spike,2016 Spikes

Gold,Branded Content and Entertainment Lotus,2017 ADFEST.

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Hunter: @darkline

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