Why I Believe In Steemhunt 💥

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There are many projects being launched on the Steem blockchain, almost weekly we get an announcement for a new project. Many seem very promising, but for me Steemhunt still stands out to me.


The reason why I believe in Steemhunt so much is the genius plan of building up a network that will connect producers and buyers and companies in a very smart way.


This is an explanation from @steemhunt ‘s recent blog (link below) ; the hunters and makers will utilise the three main platforms:

[Steemhunt] - a community where hunters introduce cool new products

[Reviewhunt] - a marketing channel where makers suggest bounty missions for hunters

[Ideahunt] - a Kickstarter-like platform where makers run crowdfunding campaigns for hunters

We are currently at stage 1 (steemhunt) and I must say the quality of the work produced is really great. What is awesome is that with Steemhunt’s own reputation system you can do really well as a curator by commenting and upvoting. Thus this helps build up a big network of both authors and curators which are equally important for the concept to work.

The way I see it is that this stage is building up the network and getting Steemhunt on the map.

This will help with stage two (Reviewhunt) where producers will want to market their products by creating bounties for good bloggers on the platform to write blogs and evolution of their products. Stage 1 will this help to make the foundation for stage 2 possible.


The most interesting part for me is stage 3 (ideahunt) which builds on the same concept as Kickstarter. And this is where it all comes together. Companies can launch crowdfunding projects to gather tokens while bloggers and other people can invest in them. An eco system is created where you can be involved in all three platforms of Steemhunt therefore creating a massive market.

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter but I think using the Steemblockchain to create and Ideahunt is the next logical step, which can be even more successful.


Kickstarter has had 412,000 projects launched and received pledges worth more than 3.8 billion U.S. dollars as of August 2018. With the 5 percent commission rate that amounts to 190 million in profit, not to mention money from sponsors etc.

Imagine if Steemhunt can just gather a small part of this market, we can see a lot of money flowing into this project. I’m currently delegating to collect some extra tokens and I also curate quite a bit, since I really love all the cool products you can find through the platform.

In order to be successful I think it’s essential to have a clear plan. More important is to execute the plan in a logical way. This is where I see Steemhunt being successful and I can’t wait for further development!

What is your take on the project?
Which product do you think has the most bright future on the Steemblockchain currently?

Link to Steemhunt recent post:


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thanks and a happy sunday to you from Ghana bro

At the moment, I am new to all these. I like the idea of being paid tokens to up vote and comment on products. Can I know more in a straightforward manner.


You can go to https://steemhunt.com and learn about the project

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It's projects like this that connect the power of the Steem community and commercial interests and create fiat gateways that will make the value proposition of Steem to come true! Great work! The current low price of STEEM does not bother me in the least when you have projects like this cropping up everywhere.


“create fiat gateways that will make the value proposition of Steem to come true! “ This is spot on why I’m so excited about it. We need more money being injected than ejected, and projects like this can help a lot !

Couldn't agree more, glad you have joined the community, bright future for sure.


Thank man ! I appreciate the resteem:)