Koho - Zero Fees, Cash Back, Spending Insights, Card Lock, Savings

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Koho Prepaid Visa Mobile App

Zero Fees, Cash Back, Spending Insights, Card Lock, Savings



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Hunter's comment

This company removes the fees from everyday spending and in return offers 0.5% cash back on all your purchases. What?!? Yes cash back and no fees!

Easy loading and spending with built in card locking right from the app so you never have to worry about loosing you’re card again! They also offer a Virtual Card for those without a physical wallet.

Sleek design with notifications of all transactions plus awesome customer support directly from the app.

Insights into your spending habits and automatic saving in the form of round-ups sneaking a savings away without even noticing. Create a automatic savings goal and be notified when you reach your target.

Best of all this company is all about being simple and transparent, they don’t make money off of the user through hidden service fees. Safe and secure they only make their money from the service fees the merchants are already paying.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Fees!




Hunter: @d00k13


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The official name of the app is


Would you please change it?

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Hey thanks for stopping in, who may you be?

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Now, this is very interesting. I think I could use something like this every day. No fees and you get a return bonus with each purchase? WoW. Not too many people doing that these days. This is a great hunt @d00k13. Thanks for sharing brother.


Right on brother, yea use it fairly often and having cash back on everything with a prepaid card is very nice. This company is out to make a difference in the financial world and I hope the move to crypto adoption soon. Thanks for stopping in!

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