AI2GO - AI On Any Device

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AI On Any Device



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Have you ever wanted AI software built for a specific device? If yes, than you need to take a close look at AI2GO! This incredible platform can be used to customize AI, Machine/deep learning applications specifically for a particular device.

We’ve built more than 100 custom ML models, specifically for on device AI, across popular use cases and hardware targets that are tuned for different speed and memory specifications.


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It's really cool. I think AI is getting closer to our lives and this could include AI in many products. I think we're going to have an easy time with AI anywhere and anytime. It's impressive. This will make our lives better. I'm so excited and I really like it. Thank you for sharing!!

Nice one. Many companies should find these useful. Tailor made ML driven projects. This is a very hot space. Most software giants are involved in it. Lately been hunting a lot of AI related hunts. So i know there are many firms doing this. Nice hunt.

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Thanks :)

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, there is no doubt AI/ML is going to make our life much more easier and gonna make things automate. This platform has so many models and I am sure it gonna make workflow robust.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

AI for any device is really impressive. Most phones previously made were just smart without AI making those who purchase such feel left out. Nice to know a balance is made for everyone to access or experience a customized AI feature though it wouldn't feel like an Actual AI tech, at least, a feeling would do.



AI can be customized wow 😍😍 intresting ai2go is really interesting ...

Impressive hunt friend keep on hunting 😊 upvoted😊

and btw happy steemversary friend :)

This is such a nice hunt
AI is the future, being able to customize AI and learn whatever you wish is simply amazing

The way to do it is with AI2GO, a newly released self-serve software platform from, a Seattle AI startup. AI2GO comes with a set of ready-to-go applications and deep-learning models that can be selected and downloaded with just a few clicks.

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