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Track your daily life and activities



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Everything in our daily life is important. How we do things matters for our future. So tracking one's life can make an impact. That is what Padstats is.

PadStats is an application to track your daily life and activities. The good thing is you own your life so you are the one who will create your activites and track them. This app will just help you to analyze and give you some statistics. So the most important feature of this app is to know yourself more.



Hunter: @cutiefaty

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This is a great hunt. One should have a daily life plan and activities in which this application will help in achieving good output in our daily activities.

Wonderful one

I may not be a regular type of person with a specific target, but it looks like this application is interesting, there may be a time to analyze habits and improve them for better targets. nice hunt.

I am not good at time management. I will check my daily activites by Padstats to check them. Great hunt.

Monitoring our activity during the day can be very helpful to manage our time well and try to eliminate inappropriate habits that are present in our routine. This application is very helpful to be able to do this.

This application is really good for knowing our self.using this app we can find our mistakes. we can check out our Daily activity from this and I think it's a great application

This is such a great tracking tool for everyone. This helps people to achieve things and strive hard for greatness and improve one’s self-growth. Gotta give this app a try.

Congratulations for this amazing hunt @cutiefaty and I look forward to your upcoming hunts.

It's a great app to share with you a lot of fun and enjoy your beautiful apps, which will make our personal life more beautiful and prosperous. I can check out our Daily Activity from this and I think it's a great app

Have never taken into consideration on how to track my daily activities but it seems I’ll be doing this in other to keep my self organized and focused

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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SteemHunt Moderation Team

Interesting app, it will help us to analyze a little more our day to day.