Aweconf - Help you find best conferences around the world

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Help you find best conferences around the world



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If you are fond in attending conferences to learn new and great things. Then you can use this amazing application, AweConf or simply means Awesome Conference!

Aweconf is an application that will help you find conferences around the world. This is normally for developers, designers, and marketers. They have different categories like blockchain, AI, Testing, UI, etc. You can also submit your own conference so that people can come or attend your conference.



Hunter: @cutiefaty

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Not really that cool. But I guess its useful for international meetings and so on.

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Awesome Conference is a web and mobile application built to help developers, markerters, designers in finding the best conference around the world in an unique place.

We can find our conference as per our need . They provide us different categories like blockchain, AI, Testing, UI, etc.

I try to search conference nearby me and I found a very interesting conference that will be held within this month, this app is amazing.

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Nice hunt. I always look for conferences and events for developers like me to learn something new from others. This is a great platform to use. Thanks

Woow the name sound like awoof which mean freebie here, nice way of interacting through conference

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