Lunavity - Backpack that will carry you to higher

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Backpack that will carry you to higher



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Flying is one of the greatest dreams human wants to achieve. And we are witnessing a lot of projects to be able to do this. Lunavitiy is a backpack that allows you to jump higher.Lunavity allows the person to rise by a drone.The drone propellers that are placed on the top of the user's head start to move as soon as the user wants to jump. The movement mechanism is triggered by the user's leg muscles.

Lunavity can be used for many different purposes. If you want to play any game or if you want to use it to reach a high place.


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Thanks @monajam. I corrected it

The marketing over-hyped but you can sure bet on the Japanese to do cool stuff with machines and robots. A product like this has a lot of hidden work to it. creating an overhead drone that can actually balance a person is pretty tough. They must have done a lot of R&D to get things comfortable for the user.

The technology can be used for people with certain weaknesses or disabilities. It could also be used by old people. Japan already has a large growing old population. So we might actually end up seeing a version of this on the streets. I still don't think people will use Lunavity to cross the streets. It'd be really cool of we could invent a sport to utilize Lunavity.

This is really fun, a backpack with the same time as a drone. I can easily went to a higher places using this one but i am afraid it will run out of battery. But everything seems so good, cool hunt mate!

Hey! its good to pick fruits too :)
It is really very interesting to see such innovative and different product. Using it will be very awesome experience as we have seen astronauts jumping over moon with low gravity . It is one of the best hunts of today. Good luck!


thanks @cheema1 have a nice hunting days:)

Say so long to the wheel chair. Does anyone know how much they are expecting to sell for?

Good Find. Hahaha.. Wow. Such things has existed. With this, it would be really helpful to reach higher grounds and sometimes there are drains with deep holes to pass through. Then painting would be quite not a chore and also even changing light bulbs at home would be a breeze with a back pack like this.

I guess, I could get a slam dunk easily with this. Maybe this could be something that future non NBA stars could use to boost up a bit. It is great to fly. Hopefully it becomes widely available. Imagine that we're about to fall off some high grounds and with the help of this back pack actually get to reduce any impact.

This would be great for basketball, even i would be dunking lol Imagine being on a magic mushroom trip and jumping and floating around with this! So much fun lmao Great hunt

Absolutely stunning a drone lifting you up, should be amazing giving a flying experience. I did love to try once and experience this amazing technology. Nice hunt mate. Cheers.

Absolutely stunning a drone lifting you up, should be amazing giving a flying experience. I did love to try once and experience this amazing technology. Nice hunt mate. Cheers.


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Wowwwww what good Hunt. I like the idea of ​​flying, it's a dream of always. Reach the heavens. Tool that more than useful can give that sensation that the vast majority of people we would like to have, which is to levitate or fly. Very good product that I hope will be well marketed. Thanks @cryptoewp for your great Hunt!!!

Very nice indeed and yeah this could really be a nice way to fly for a while :) as it seems it could make some work much more easier as well besides that is nice usage of Drone as well.
Nice Hunt !!