Metamask Mobile App - Enjoy the Decentralized Web With Secure

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Metamask Mobile App

Enjoy the Decentralized Web With Secure



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Hunter's comment

Really this is great news to mass adaption for crypto - blockchain technologies. Because Understanding of decentralized is the most important to provide to safe data. Metamask has already helping us for that. And now it is on mobile!! Thus we will connect to decentralized web with safely thanks to Metamask mobile app


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I also use metamask for Etherium wallet. However, it was uncomfortable because I use a chrome browser on my computer at home. This version of the metamask mobile comes out and I can see and transmit my token quantity anytime, anywhere. This is good news for me.

Thanks. I hope it would be help you to provide better usage

Ouh... Nice to know that metamask has Mobile app version. It will make us more easy without any complicated steps for using this extension. Thanks for the update @cryptoewp

everyone must join this waitlist!

No longer have to depend on pc browser to transfer hunt. Good hunt.

Nice Nice. Metamask on in mobile of what Im looking for. Thanks for the information :)

This is long overdue but it is better late than never. I would have preferred the mobile version over the desktop version because I use my Tab for a huge part of the time. Cool Hunt.

Finally, they have a mobile app, using it on chrome is messy, you need to have a laptop with you all the time. As our hunttoken is also ERC-20, so now it will be easy for us to move our token anywhere from our mobiles.

i think i am living in the stone age. I don't even know that metamask wasn't available for mobile. 🤦‍♀️ Actually, i hardly use wallets on mobile so never bother to check it out. I dont deal with wallets much so i am always ok with browser wallets or extensions etc whatever. Sine, we hunter have a lot of use meta mask so then sure its gonna be very big news for all of us col hunt

Nice and I believe this would really help many users in various ways. Some were not able to use it coz of not having the mobile version. Cool Hunt.

wow amazing app.This is a good pickup and I would benefit a lot.This is a lot of money, it is good and it has a lot of benefits.Great hunt post.Thnks you are sharing good hunt post.

Woah. Nice hunt @cryptoewp! I did not know that MetaMask has a mobile app. I use their browser extension which works great for Ethereum applications. I will have to check out their mobile app, although I don't use Ethereum much anymore. Cheers!

Yes it was released by yesterday :) So it is very new development to mass adaption and i think so important

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