V-ID - Certify and Secure all Digital Assets

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Certify and Secure all Digital Assets



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V-ID is tool to secure your digital data from manipulation protecting your business against the digital frauds.

Validate and verify the harmful manipulated digital files which can harm your business.




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Really we have to need like that app to do every work across the digital platforms securely

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Recently, a lot of data has been digitized. A lot of our personal lives are also digitized and stored through cell phones. I think security of these data is very important. With this, we can safely manage that data. This is a service that many IT staff will be interested in. I really like it. Thank you for sharing!

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Whoaa! This would be great if they work fine and protect your digital assets from scammers and manipulation. This world is rotating around the digital world where such platform should be played a significant role.

Nice Hunting!

in digital currency we need this kind of tool. it is hard to protect you files from manipulation and harm. V-ID, businesses make your data safe and it does not allow any hack for your files and data.

Nice find

Now a days we need security for securing our assets otherwise Hackers hack all things very easily.

V-ID is best Tool to secure our assets. Simple to use and User friendly interface too.

Nice hunt,Thanks for sharing.

The world is getting digital. A lot of people who use it for business are transferring important files and sending private data to colleagues. With this app you have a digital fraud measures and also keeps you safe.

  • With the increase of digitisation and automation of workflows come new forms of fraud. V-ID helps you identify manipulated digital files which could harm your business, by validating and verifying the files


It's an wonderful idea to protect from any loss. Digital system is like a very classical and effective.

Everyday, there is something new in the market to help us secure our data that is actually good. The worst part is even the giant exchanges like Binance get hacked and thus are not secure. So, the question is: does something like secure data really exist?

Well tbh we are becoming a lot involved in this tech world due to the necessities of our life and many important aspects of our life is out into internet and their security is indeed needed as it sounds this could be a useful tool indeed for security.

Nice Hunt !!

Security of digital assets is top priority in this time when hacking and intrusion of secure systems happen every time. So using V-ID, businesses can make sure that no malignant files causes any data loss events in their business operations.

What i think is that Such tools play an important role in protection of digital assets. It is really useful as it Keep Avoid from fraud.
Thank you for the cool asnd lovely hunt.
Have a wonderful day.

Nowadays technology is gone so far but hackers are doing there work to break law in digital world so here they are to secure and protect you from frauds, theft and hacking. I hope they work well to strengthen secure digital world.

It's extremely important to secure and protect our digital assets these days and V-ID seems a great solution. Businesses can help secure their data through this great tool and help avoid any fraudulent hacking activity.

V-ID is an important tool to keep secure the assets specially digital assets. It is strong hindrance for hacker. I think it will play good role to secure the from hacking.

Sounding like a hardware wallet which is not, are you saying with this product my assets are safe because security bridges are getting better and If I would use a platform to secure anything, I have to be incharge of my keys.

Security is most important factor in all aspects of life but specially in business. With the passages of time hacker are getting advancement so V-ID is good tool to avoid the hacking the important data .

For companies (but not only), data is very important... And with the digitalisation of the world and the simplication to edit/modify every dicument (text but also photo & video,..), V-ID is the solution to protect them and be sure that the document is the original,

Great hunt @cryptocoiners