Simbi - Skill Trading Network - The largest service trading network - locally and globally

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Simbi - Skill Trading Network

The largest service trading network - locally and globally


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Hunter's comment

What a fantastic platform and example of the sharing economy.

You'll receive 'credits' for your services, which you can then trade for services of other people. You do not need to directly trade with another person.

It has a Fiverr 'feel', but better energy, I find, since people are here to share, and maybe even to connect, rather than (just) to profit.

I'm sure clever entrepreneurs can think of ways to utilize this platform for their business and make money from it indirectly.

You'll get 50 credits when you join, which can already buy you quite some services, since many are on offer for less than that. So you have already won simply by joining.

About the author:

Anja Schuetz is a cryptocurrency mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on women and non-digital natives. She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups. Sign up for her Free Bitcoin Beginner's Course and her Conscious Crypto Museletter here:


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sorry, we already have this listed.

also, we would not accepted it because of affiliate urls as well, only the main url is valid.

are a good source of information regarding what's ok to post, don't just go on the URL saying ok, do a search before posting too! :)

sorry to put this but this is my modding job! -- i know it's your first post here but i have to delist it ;(

give that guide lines a look through.

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Oh. I actually checked the guidelines (or FAQ’s?) on GitHub specifically for the referral link, since it was my very first steemhunt, but didn’t find anything there saying it wasn’t allowed.

Doesn’t matter! It’s still here on Steemit :) and the referral link is important, otherwise people don’t get a free service there. There’s really loads of good stuff on offer. Without the link they would have to earn credits first.

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Fantastic platform thanks for sharing this with us!

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