Carbon Donut - Makes climate action easy

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Carbon Donut

Makes climate action easy



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Carbon Donut makes climate action easy.
Measure your climate impact
Learn about emissions
Take climate action & track your progress
Unlock climate-smart deals


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Carbon Donut offers you a way to track your actions against climate change with it's graph which is shaped like a donut showing you the emissions or actions you have taken and what's been saved by these actions.

Carbon Donut is a nice innovation in the weather and climate.

We must try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and this will definitely pave us the way.

I love the idea but it crashed everytime tried to open. I hope to get a version in the future that works. Very nice idea!

I would have tried this app, but I refuse due to a bug in the Terms of Service and Privacy Notice page. There is a button missing for: Accept the selected only. The only option provided is: Accept All. Sorry, no I won't. See ya.

Get more understanding about climate.

I must admit I am sceptical about whether apps like this really help. There are just a few things people can do to help the climate - and that is to use less fuel.

Thanks for sharing this useful hunt and its very good.

Wow! What a great app you have searched. With this we can easily make our climate good.

Great hunter, congratulations


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