Raiju Ultimate - Razer Ultimate Wireless PS4 Gaming Controller

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Raiju Ultimate

Razer Ultimate Wireless PS4 Gaming Controller



Hunter's comment

Enjoy a new level of control while playing on your console with the new Raiju Ultimate WirelesPS4 Controller from Razer, now in a wireless manner, so you are free to move around.

By using the mobile app, you get full control over the controller, being able to adjust the sensitivity settings, remap the button or set multi functions.

With a new quick control panel, you can change the functions you've set in a fraction of a second, but these can also be locked against accidental presses of that key, with a secure button.

Raiju Ultimate has 3 conectivity modes, namely: PS4, PC, and USB that requires no manual restoring, and also a wired mode for when the batteries are out.




Hunter: @cmalescov


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Hi @cmalescov, very neat hunt!

  • Well written because it separates several line breaks from each product explanation in hunter's comment.
  • some of product screenshots have the perfect quality to be seen by other hunters
  • You also include the videos in your hunt so your hunt looks more perfect.
  • Your hunt is very good, keep up your great work.

Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Thank you :), doing my best.

Great hunt @cmalescov!

Now that's one nice controller from Razer, being able to change the controller settings via smartphone is a big change for this kind of gadgets, there are games that do not allow too much of a gamepad settings customization. The RGB looks nice, and the joysticks look like they have some grip rubber nice placed.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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Fancy and pretty haha. Well it's always good to have a nice controller and wireless too so you can be further away and still play. I do miss playing retro with the cord as well though, but I like the look of this one.

Razor rocks. I've used razor keyboard and mouse for a while, and now they have wireless cool ps4 as well. Great hunt!

Razer is the firm that always makes unique products like this one, I like its design and features, and do not see cons at all.

Looks sleek. Nice design. Smaller fit but this may prove to be a better fit and more easily usable controls for many with smaller hands.

This a really good one.
And, I really like playing this. Playing games like this really feels good. Thanks for the hunt, it was interesting!

Oh boy, this controller is fucking dope. It even looks better than the conventional PS4 controllers out there. This is awesomely cool. Great hunt.

i really love this controller design, seems like ergonomic. the light is really cool too and the good thing, the setting can be controlled through smartphone app

Great Hunt! PS4 Gaming controller Design is awesome having a wireless feature to control the game from the distance. Really a nice hunt shared thanks for the great hunt Good luck

It is great to play my console with a wireless PS4 Gaming Controller, Raiju Ultimate is a perfect hunt.

Ye get me here!! I found this diamond yesterday, but i didn't have the time to make it post..
What can i say??
Awesome Hunt!!!

A nice joystick with which you can set many functions for yourself. You can easily create functions such as sensitivity or button shuffle using a mobile application. At this point you can give full control over the product. A good alternative for gaming enthusiasts.

PS4 game controller with a standard design. The good function is wireless and you can move freely here. With the secure locking function you have no problems in the game. Good hunt.

Great hunt!I am fanatic with ps4 and this controller seems very good for playing.I will try it.Keep good hunting!

Hello @cmalescov,

Here is my review about Raiju Ultimate


  • A wireless gaming controller to provide the freedom to users
  • One can get full control over the controller via mobile app
  • With a new quick control panel, one can change the functions of the controller
  • It has basically 3 conectivity modes, namely: PS4, PC, and USB
  • One really does not need to get worried if the charging ends, wire option is always there
  • Quite simple and user friendly
  • No complexities are involved at all


  • Did not find any for it

Overall an amazing hunt :)

Has an interchangeable keyboard. On the website this function is shown with a beautiful and interesting photo. These are customizable keyboard heights and functions such as the candidate D-Pad format. It is nicefeature that it can be disassembled.

A PS4 game controller with its own mobile application. You can adjust sensitivity levels or adjust the intensity of audio systems. In short, it is a product made to complete your gaming experience anywhere and anytime.

The controller design is a bit similar like XBox One controller, but the buttons using PS4 controller style.
Dpad, analog, buttons on the back using XBox One style.
The price is quite expensive too, around $200, much more expensive than a normal PS4 controller :(

Nice hunt @cmalescov

Raiju Ultimate is a great game controller for those who like to play games. Wired or wireless can be used. It has multi-function buttons and you can customize the buttons with your smartphone. Also thumbsticks and the D-Pad to be interchangeable, very good.

This product is a wireless PS4 game controller that enables advanced customization using their own mobile applications. With this product you have complete control over your pager. Comes with 3 connection modes (PS4, USB and PC). Good hunt.

Pros and Cons
-Very cool looking
-Product of razor for PS4

-Product of razor means it is gonna be expensive

This is an amazing wireless PS4 controller that gives you full control on your game from the palm of your hand. Great hunt!

This joystick is so cool. I’m so sure that all the lover of ps2 and others game can now enjoy the time spent on game with this.

Great hunt

I have play 4 and well I think it's the fusion between a contro of play 4 and one of xbox 360 good hunting in its entirety

I don't have wireless controller, I am sure it would be perfect to have a wireless one. Great hunt.

Wireless consoles are always perfect and long lasting compared to wired ones

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Wow design was so cool

It would be a good game with the Razer Thresher headphones, all wireless.


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