Thinoptics: Glasses Keychain - These glasses are very comfortable to carry and store

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Thinoptics: Glasses Keychain

These glasses are very comfortable to carry and store



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Have you ever wanted to keep your glasses somewhere other than a sweater or trouser pocket?

Get to know thinoptics glasses. These glasses can be hidden and stored in a somewhat peculiar way, so that they can be transported and protected.

It has different models, designs and colors. These glasses are ideal for people who go running in the mornings and then go for coffee and a newspaper. Or for people who after a few hours feel discomfort in the nose by wearing glasses. Ideal and easy to transport. You can keep them in your phone, pocket, purse and even use them as a key ring. Really a very good article and curious to acquire.

And without a doubt, these glasses have a certain number of fans. People thankful and delighted to have purchased these glasses:




Hunter: @chryzed

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Hello, @chryzed thanks for your hunt.

• Excellent Look AMD Design
• Easy To Carry

Great Hunt!

Wow..! They are great. Very compact...!


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Wow, I'm delighted with these glasses, I need some. I'm very forgetful and sometimes I don't know where I leave my glasses. With this novelty, I could have my glasses in an object that never gets lost, my phone. Excellent hunting

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