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Robo Wunderkind



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I have been using @steemhunt quite a lot I enjoy the concept and how the layout comes onto steemit as well.

Reminds me much like product hunt with the inputs and questions. Thus my next Robot coding review.

Build robots & learn to code

What if building blocks could come to life?
Now Imagine how simple it would be to accomplish that. What if building blocks could come to life?
That’s exactly what Robo Wunderkind Is. It makes it possible. Any child can experiment putting our Lego looking blocks together in different ways to create real, functioning robots. In other words, kids make cool robots from building blocks while learning to code.

Help your kids discover their love of learning by letting them explore early with Robo Wunderkind. We are going to need more coders, New languages will be coming up real soon.

Enhance Essential Learning Skills

Robo Wunderkind enhances essential skills that children need to develop such as metacognitive skills and creativity. As a bonus, Robo Wunderkind is heaps of fun, so kids gain a love of learning in the process.

I am going to be purchisng one of these bad boys to be able to fully review it.



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  • anything that gets kids playing with toys and crosses over into technology is good in my book
  • get them away from screens, think about things connecting to things
  • we need more coders. period.


  • come on, how can you be mad at kids toys?


  • Essential learning for kids in a AI driven world.
  • Even if they don't go into tech fields, this is important to understand.
  • Colourful, fun and inviting!
  • Looks like you can just keep expanding.


  • Fairly expensive to start with, but parents love spending money on the kids.
  • Website is a bit slow to lot certain components.

you are doing such a great work you work is apprectianle

Come on, I hate not being a child in today's world u.u.... Well, not totally true, but they have awesome games (VR, AR, super realistic 3D models for GTA) and free time to play with....

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