Gitkraken - The legendary Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux

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The legendary Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux



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Chronocrypto with another bang for your buck developer tool, I love git clients, but this one is gorgeous.

Gitkraken is a beautiful Git client built on the Electron platform, allowing it to run smoothly on Windows, Mac and Linux desktop systems.

You can enjoy the same beautiful, luxurious experience across all three!

I am telling you I will be downloading and buying this platform. Just look at the images. If you are a git developer this tool is so coll looking you will never look for another tool.

One feature is it is cross platform compatible so you will always have access to it no matter what OS you have at the time.

Check out the video below.



Hunter: @chronocrypto

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  • It works great and smooth on the Windows, Linux and Mac making the product versatile for developers.

  • Also there is the cross platform feature so you can continue your work with any OS.


  • Nothing

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Nice hunt @chronocrypto! Keep the quality products incoming so the top 10 can stay relevant!

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@chronocrypto you are looking great developer.

Gitkraken is a mainstream product in the recent couple years. They have released their first version at 2016.

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