Retro Pi Cases - Unique Custom made Raspberry Pi Cases

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Retro Pi Cases

Unique Custom made Raspberry Pi Cases









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A personal friend of mine runs this website and creates these cases on demand for his customers. I believe he has a waiting list as he does them to order, and on an individual basis. This is based in the UK.

They range from £24.99 to £26.99 and there are a range of models to choose from.

These are a unique product as I know for a fact that he designs the cases himself.

To coincide with the release of my new Atari ST Raspberry Pi case I am delighted to announce the launch of my new site, On this site you will be able to order one of my unique Raspberry Pi cases as well as keep up with news of upcoming products and provide feedback on what you would like to see in the future.




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The cases went down very well.

Oh yahhhh the Atari ST! Still better than most computers!

Great cases , so much detail.

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