10 Directory - human-edited, spam-free general web directory

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10 Directory

human-edited, spam-free general web directory



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10 Directory is a human-edited, spam-free general web directory. Main goal of this web directory is to provide users a guide to best quality websites of the internet. If you want to know more about directory submission tips and common mis-known facts about internet SEO strategies, you can have a look at our SEO Blog prepared by experienced SEO experts. We hope you enjoy your time spent in our web directory.




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It's good to see a web directly still edited by real people and while this is good there is still lots of work to be done here with 10 Directory as there are definitely some good sites missing from certain categories, I think once more sites are placed "10 Directory" will be able to offer more to it's visitors.

10 Directory looks like a nice hunt and its interesting

Its's rare to even come across human edited directories. Hope they'd be able to scale these things well :)

It is a good directory where you can solve many things and save time in your searches, it is very easy to use and fast to download. I like this. good hunting

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