BeatO Smartphone Glucometer - BeatO – Diabetes Care and Management App

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BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

BeatO – Diabetes Care and Management App



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BeatO is a mobile app based blood glucose monitor, Very easy to use and handy, one can carry anywhere.
Contrary to normal blood glucose monitor it not only store all data but also analyse and suggest changes in diet and lifestyle according to blood sugar level.
It comes with Personalized Diabetes Educator Assistance, which is free for 3 months from the purchase of the glucometer.
It is also loaded with other useful features like fitness tracker, Beato shop where one can purchase different diabetic care products.



Hunter: @chetanpadliya

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WOW, now this has made checking & monitoring diabetes super easy.

With no additional gadget required for it, one:s smart phone can do all the task right from analyzing blood sugar to suggest corrective measures for it.

Today everyone knows that diabetes is a lifestyle disease and can be sustainably reversed with correct lifestyle modifications. But only a few know to conduct their life correctly and even if someone knows, he/she doesn't possess the right amount of motivation & will power to manage these changes on a regular basis. I hope with easier suggestions and timely alerts this app would be able to do just that!

India being labelled as the global diebetic capital
badly needs such solutions. Great Hunt @chetanpadliya!

Great Hunt! To have this Smartphone Glucometer for checking and monitoring Diabetes it is too easy for the old age people because they have a difficulty to go for the check up but with this tool made easy to check their diabetes when they want everywhere.

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This will greatly help smartphone users who have problems with diabetes and will also help those who have not been affected by diabetes to check their blood sugar levels so they can control the amount of blood glucose. Awesome.

I love the part where it can monitor blood sugar anywhere but, the part where it makes suggestions for changes on diet and lifestyle does not suit me well. Simply because a lot of people might take this suggestions and forgo consulting medical specialists in favor for these. Overall, a great innovative app!

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