Orange - Chrome Extension that uses vocal recognition

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Chrome Extension that uses vocal recognition



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Orange is a Chrome Browser extension that uses voice recognition for easy surfing. This tool is a good addition I'm already versatile chrome browser extensions that many people love to install to make their work easier.

Google Chrome Extension that lets the user record their own voice commands to control webpages.
orange allows you to record events on a webpage, like a button click, and control those events using voice commands.


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Seems to be a nice extension which help browsing more easier and entertaining. Nice hunt

Interesting extension for Chrome browser. I will try to see its usability

Vocal recognition through Chrome browser extension should be interesting.

As stated it should be a very very nice extension I should try it

I really like the concept of this, but I wish they'd make a version of this extension for Firefox. I don't like using Chrome because of it's privacy problems. Apart from that, it's a great idea.

That's interesting addition to the Chrome browser, however I already have an inbuilt software for it in my Windows 10 and it works good.

But I'm looking for some speech to text extension as Windows in-built software isn't very good for me. Any help?

Hi dear hunter @cheema1 you share a really great hunt for All people who have been use multiple accounts and multi browsers.

Nice hunt! will be useful for quick surfing to save your precious time nice find broo

With this, it is much more easier to use with your voice.
Thanks for sharing this hunt

oh, sadly my desktop has no internal mike and i also haven't purchased a head phone yet, so this is useless for me but it is useful for many.

Nice tool for google chrome users and it will make their work easier, thanks for sharing

Nice Hunt. The Voice recognition continues to improve due to adaptive learning.
Who would have thought that we will have a Vocal Surfing.


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