Forsage - Earn Ethereum in a Smarter Way

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Earn Ethereum in a Smarter Way



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Forsage is a decentralized matrix smart contract that is built on Ethereum blockchain. You can earn Ethereum directly in your wallet by investing and through referral program.

You need Trust Wallet to use this smart contract on mobile. On PC you can use Metamask wallet.

There are two ways to earn. X3 program is designed for those who are marketer and bring refferal. X4 is for those who are eager to get passive income. You can earn a handsome amount. Watch this video to better understand the project.

If you are interested in joining it then do consider joining via My Referral Link


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I would love to join it. Thanks for sharing @cheema1

It's a smart way I think even smarter to earn ethereum by referring

Anyone would like to have more etherum token. I will checkout it soon..

Will surely use your link to sign-up and appreciate your efforts to share this nice hunt my friend

i wanna know do you got payment from this ? i would join it right now as these days are critical for every person :( i want to earn good money aswell

Yes. Immediate in trust wallet account that is own by 3rd party. So when you start building your team then you will get payment in this separate wallet within a minute. If you have more question then I will guide you. My fb id mention on steemit profile

Yes, I got payments. For details you can contact me on Discord.

This is nice and worth trying to get some eth. Thanks for sharing

Keep more hunts like this where people could earn. I'll definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing.

does it supports free earning ? or we need to invest

Need invest.

Great hunt dear friend
This is a nice way to earn ethernum directly in your wallet. I will try it for the referal program.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Nice hunt! Seems a nice and easy way to earn ethereum by investing or referral program sounds good will try this one bro i will ask from you soon

He will ready for more guidance. :D

Great hunt I really appreciate your effort and I look forward to your next step with best wishes because you share always great hunt.

Want a great and amazing hunt. I totally appreciate your effort you can find best way to earn Ethereum. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Well, bro. I was thinking that I write about this post on SH but you take the decision before me. I think there is more opportunity to earn money from here if you will try to some work and make handsome money for your pocket.
I hope you will get a better response from your work.
Best of luck.

I am available any time to guide and teach anyone who is interested in this decentralized matrix smart contract program. And I will happy if anyone joins to you @cheema1

Nice product, it is a nice way to earn crypto, i will check, thanks for sharing.

1st you need to download the trust wallet app then the further process.

Very nice to hear from you @cheema1 that there is an etherium base matrix system for making lots of money and its very wonderful that even a sleeping partner can earn from this system by joining a good and strong team. Choose a good team be part of it and start earning right now. Come quick and earn fast with the FORSAGE.IO.
Wonderful system you bring to us. Keep sharing such programs to have a second source of income.


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best of luck bro, this is really a good post about sh. there will be the best opportunity to earn money from here. go ahead

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