Mind-Arm - Mind-controlled prostheses that “feel” for real

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Mind-controlled prostheses that “feel” for real



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This prosthetic arm is one of the coolest things I've seen because in addition to giving mobility to the disabled also helps them recover the perception of touch through a small reactive module that emulates with small waves and magnetic discharges what we feel when we touch things.


Brilliant invention to lessen pains of many people who have lost their arms due to injury or accident.

Technology has introduced us with many useful products to brought comfort for the disable people. Mind-Arm is a smart invention and definitely a step ahead in this regard. Brilliant hunt.

Excellent hunt now this is how technology helps us in many ways like this mind-controlled arm will be very useful for disabled people to live their life with ease and comfort nice find

Good and interesting find. You can find best product for disabled peoples. It help to the disabled peoples to enjoy his life again.

Wao. Ask about the utility of this from disabled people.
Amazing Hunt

Nice and cool hunt. Since this is mind control, then the user have less to worry about. It will give them the sense of their hand back.

nice hunt. the mind control bit will make the arm feel as close to the real thing and will not make limbless people feel they have lost an arm doing what they were doing. they can get back to normalcy

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products for disabled but this is so good as the disabled can use this artificial hand and this can be controlled through the mind. Great Hunt!

Great find. It will ease the life of disable people or people who lost their hand in accident. Indeed it will minimized their dependency upon others and enhance their confidence. Nice hunt


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