Steem Recipes - SRecipes Website Built on Steem

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Steem Recipes

SRecipes Website Built on Steem



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SRecipes on Steem

Steem Recipes is a dectralized startup working to build out a platform in which anyone with a Steem account can buy, sell, or trade recipes.

SRecipes is currently in the start up phase. As blockchain continues to grow and expand, with Steem platform being one of the most widely used everyday sources of blockchain, what better place to build then on Steem.

What can we expect to see on SRecipes:
Catagories, Favorites, Trending, Best, and New Recipes. There are many different ways this concept could be approached, as a food lover I am excited about the possibilities.

Token Sale to raise capital for site development, will be made available via bitshares the graphic below will show how SRecipes plans to use the funds raised for the platform.

Need to Know:
SRecipes will use SteemConnect to interface with the platform.

Post made via the SRecipes website will also be posted to the Steem blog feed with a tag SRecipe

Users Will use the SRecipe web interface to create Recipes

Get Rewards Via SRecipe tokens, and traditional Steem rewards

Currently SRecipes has a Discord Server, and a Website where one could gather more information.

If you are a cook, food lover, or just someone who wants to learn some good recipes, be on the look out for when SRecipes launch.

"All images Taken from @SRecipe Steemit feeds or Website"



Hunter: @cgbartow

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hey man this seems like a really rad idea, thanks for sharing an epic hunt, great job! :)


  • a lot of potential with gifting economy


  • no product yet
  • the recipes market is over saturated

Thank you so much for mentioning us ! Glad you found us, we are working hard on the development !

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