OONI Probe - Measure your network speed with OONI Probe

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OONI Probe

Measure your network speed with OONI Probe



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Hunter's comment

Hi Hunters!
This is helpful application to find out the right solution of network problem. You can check out that the problem is in your device or in slow internet by testing network. Sometimes we get some trouble some due to bad network. Now feel free to use this application to resolve your problem.

With this app, you will examine the blocking of websites and instant messaging apps, measure your network's speed and performance, and check whether systems that could be responsible for censorship and surveillance are in your network>




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With OONI Probe we can easily measure our network speed using OONI Probe.

The truth I understand very little of these issues, but it shows that you invested many "neurons" in making this post. Congratulations.
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