Data Monkey - Data transformation made easy

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Data Monkey

Data transformation made easy



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Hunter's comment

Data Monkey, was manufactured by Samuel Schlesinger and Zack Jablonski is a web application that allows you to load a small sample of your input data, and define exactly how you want it to transform, the transformation of the data is simple, intuitive and repeatable. You can transform any number of files with the design workflow, through the servers or locally on your own machine using the open source Python library

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Thanks @joannewong! A kiss.

Its an interesting innovation. I have never heard about it. Thanks for the hunt. I will check it out for more details. Have you heard about the Steemian Secret bundle?- a special reward by Utopian and other supporter apps including steemhunt. I have written ablog post about it. I hope you check it out. It might interest you!


Hello @! Thanks for happen, I'll review the information, a hug.