- The world’s platform for change

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The world’s platform for change



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What is and what can be done in it? is an open platform where many perspectives fit and where people from all over the world can take action on the issues that matter most to them.
On the website, people from all over the world come together to start campaigns, mobilize followers and work with the people responsible for making decisions to bring about changes and solutions in the real world.
It is used by petition creators and signatories, decision makers, organizations and press but anyone can initiate a petition. They believe that people have the power to generate changes in daily life. is a social company with B-Corp certificate. Companies with a B-Corp certificate assume social and environmental commitments, as well as responsibility and transparency set by Blab, an independent certifying entity.


The impact on the world
Supporter signatures become victories people work to find new solutions to big and small problems that affect their lives.

27,880 victories in 196 countries

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Jobs - empowers more than 200 million people to generate changes in their environment

Learn more, carees openings

In my opinion, is one of the greatest internet websites. Thanks to this site, the world improves and this, in turn, encourages more people to join the same goal. All human beings want to be happy and contributes to this. Even being a page that has been around for years, I think that due to the number of requests related to the current situation in the world, it should be included in SteemHunt. It is still an innovative way to join forces and achieve visible changes.


  • It is well known
  • It has a good reputation
  • Recognized as a legitimate signature collection platform
  • More than 200,000,000 people use it
  • Anyone can initiate a petition


  • Still not using blockchain technology.
    It could be even more attractive if users were rewarded in some way with crypto currency for their interactions within the page.

Video and Image fount

My steemhunt entry about a cool site that maybe helps you ; )
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Hunter: @cauac

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congrats you are [verified]

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if you need help reach out to — @teamhumble, @dayleeo, @fknmayhem, @folken, @urbangladiator and i’m sure one of the mods will be able to help you get everything sorted.

The site is attractively designed
You really have influence on the happenings.

There are similar sites that do the same thing


Thanks for your contribution in this hunt @linusphoto!


  • Great work-life balance and flexible work opportunities
  • Friendly, caring, hardworking coworkers.
  • Skilled engineers


  • Centralized decision making, need to open up a bit
  • Business model greatly needs improving

Thanks for your comment @raulmz!


  • Platform that helps people to be heard.
  • It can generate social awareness about problems that affect people.
  • The possibility of changing the world.
  • Large number of people use the platform


  • Nothing against

Pros :

  • Many users are using this platform so we can confirm it's legit & safe to use

  • Design is perfect looks good

  • Helps many uses

Cons :
Such a good platform why there will be cons


Thanks @saimegh! The more pros and cons, the better the hunt is

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