How normal am I? - An interactive documentary about your face

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How normal am I?

An interactive documentary about your face



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Experience how "artificial intelligence" judges your face. Access to your camera is necessary, but no personal data is collected. ıt is an interactive documentary about your face. How Normal Am I explores how these face recognition systems are being used in practise, and allows you to experience this for yourself in a safe and privacy friendly manner.


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There is potential for so much good & so much bad in this tech. I'm not into being "Normal" That's just creating a collective blob with no individuality and uniqueness.

Seems a nice tool based on Ai to check your facial documentry with the help of this tool nice sharing

I wonder if facial recognition software works when people are wearing a thick cloth mask - I suppose the software will have to concentrate on the eyes to recognise people.

It's time to check who I am


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