Askbeat - Get customer feedback via email surveys

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Get customer feedback via email surveys



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Askbeat is a tool that allows you to get customer feedback by email surveys. It measures customer satisfaction with its tested Net Promoter Score. Minimal setup is required for Askbeat, technical knowledge is not required.


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Nice Hunting
Askbeat is a great tool to get customer feedback via email surveys.

Everyone ignore these types of emails dude. I also ignore, I just delete these emails. It will be only work when emails would look professional.

what customer want is necessary and this is the way to know that what customers really want.. so i think this is the great tool ...

customer feedback and email survey is good but that should be a option to skip otherwise user feel irritating. so i think they should take care of this thing.

Customers feedback can really help you become a better client.
Thanks for sharing this hunt


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