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Learn More Languages



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A new language is a new world. I will introduce a program that fits this slogan. The goal of the program is to quickly learn the language.
Learn German, Italian and more languages.

Practical and short lessons in each subject. You use real life talking. You will focus on speaking from the first lesson

You can practice in real life
Face to face speak

The price is a bit expensive



Hunter: @casonova

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I've personally tried out Babbel and it is a solid learning platform. Comparable to memrise but a little more expensive. All these learning apps are great for self study though.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Study at your own pace
  • Different styles of learning built-in within the app


  • Like you said, the price is a little expensive
  • Lots of competition in this market, with similar products

I think it is a good program, but I use Memrise because it offers more language and I like some of the tools a little better

Hi @casonova,

Thanks for your hunt. Sadly enough I can not approve it as the Babbel language learning platform is rather old already (founded in 2007) and well-known as well. As such it doesn’t fit Steemhunt’s policy to focus mostly on new or lesser-known products.

As per Steemhunt’s posting guidelines:

6. Post "New" Products

Steemhunt is about cool "new" products. Please make sure that your hunt is something recently introduced. If the product is not new, there must be a strong reason to post. For example, the product must be substantially updated or upgraded in a way that has a positive effect on users. Even though the set period of time to define whether it is newly launched is subjective, the moderators may ask if the product is widely considered to be a “new product” (or substantially updated).

Language learning software is in general interesting, a good one of course. Thing is I find most of them fail to motivate users enough, so we quit after a while, say duolingo, pimsleur, you name it. I hope this one is somehow better, but yea, since it's paid, I don't want to test it myself. Hope someone who has experience with it can give some opinions.

Good hunt though, keep on going!

A very good hunt, friend! Here's my opinion:


  • You can learn a lot of languages (14 in total).
  • With the short lessons you can manage your time and learn with practical exercises of 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Courses with different levels and learning speeds.
  • Quality references confirmed by the media such as The Economist and PC Magazine.


  • Still, if it's expensive enough. Your cheapest subscription is about $13.

Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

My personal score :★★★★★★★★ (Max: 10 Stars)


  • This product can help us to learn more language easily
  • This product is very practical, focus on real life conversation
  • This product provide chance to face to face speaking


  • None

Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!