SteemPeak - A new Steem frontend with awesome features

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Hi @carn,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!

Cons :

  • Charts to analyse user growth in steemit
  • Ability to move post preview
  • Viewing a post without leaving page


  • Not fast like steemit
  • Not simplified like steemit

I'll have to go back over there in a couple of weeks after the updates are made, but so far, I'm underwhelmed, which is saying a lot considering Steemit is what it is. The two things you identify as cons are pretty big at the moment. Waiting for things to load is an issue. Didn't really wait around to see how simple it is, but at a glance, it had the "We're still under construction" look.

Thanks for your feedback @glenalbrethsen. The speed problem should now be solved and from what I've seen the load times are better that Steemit (at least in my test).

I think you should consider this putting everything into perspective, this is a project born one month ago and of course there is a lot to improve in the coming months.

Appreciate your list of PROs

Tell us how you think steemit is simplified... that was part of the reason we are working on @steempeak.

My personal experience is that my friends are greatly confused by Steemit and they stop using steemit in large part because they're so confused. So we're working on ways to make it more understandable to a new user.

Thanks for the feedback @zoneboy, the speed problem should be solved now. Give it a try if you like the other features and this was your main drawback ;)

Now working cool and fast. Thumbs up for you guys.

@zoneboy Thanks for your Pros and especially Cons! It will help us to make Steempeak better. I would like to discuss with you the second of Cons. I am working on the update for UI now and would appreciate your thoughts. We can chat here or on our discord

I will join the discord now.

Huh. Very cool. I always thought it was strange that there are multiple websites designed to view Steemit, but now that I think about it, that's kind of cool.

Yeah, Steemit and Busy are the main two frontends for the Steem blockchain but they have a lot of copycats. Dlive and Dtube are considered frontends to, but they only show certain content. SteemPeak shows a lot of promise in that it's already at the level of Busy and the creators plan to make it even better with a number of updates this month.

One of the awesome things about Steem is that anybody can build a website on top of it. You can build something like SteemPeak which lets you see everything on the blockchain, something like GoodBook Reviews that lets you write book reviews, or something like Finally Comments that lets you use Steem for comments on your blog. The possibilities are endless. I'd personally like to try making a stock image site on the Steem blockchain someday.

Wonderful, another steem blockchain based horizon. It seems promising.

I like competition for eyeballs. The free market creates the best user experience. I'm glad there is another frontend competing!


  • Gotta love charts and graphs!!! This is something I've started tracking on a spreadsheet I created. It is a bit time consuming, but does give you the satisfaction that you can see your gowth.


  • Can't find anything

This has lots of new ideas to make surfing the steemit blockchain a better experience. Kudos to the everyone involved with this project.


  • side by side preview. Man it can get pretty involved when editing a post without this. All that scrolling back and forth to see the changes... Nice improvement!
  • Nice way to surf my feed. I like that I don't have to rt-click, open in new tab, go to that tab, do my thing, close that tab, go back to the feed tab. This is awesome!
  • I'm a numbers guy and love the charting and the graphs. Hopefully you will keep expanding what is available here. Some ideas for the programmers, track reputation, posts, total vests in the platform, ...


  • I will be trying this out for awhile. It looks very promising!

Very nice

Glad you like the charts it's certainly an area with lots more room for doing cool stuff.

Do you like the side by side on HTML or Markdown editing better?

I mostly do just markdown. ...thinking... mostly only html to center an image or something...

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