The Spider Mite - Teleoperated Inspection Robot

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The Spider Mite

Teleoperated Inspection Robot



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Hunter's comment

The Spider Mite is a teleoperated robot vehicle with a first person view, with this robot you can investigate a dangerous environment and record the video while looking up, down, left, right and anywhere in between while driving.


4WD electric vehicle with high-torque gearing and motor and rechargeable batteries. You can charge the Spider Mite in the field with your own vehicles’ 12 volt battery. The Spider Mite is perfect for confined spaces or remote operations.

More Features

  • You can climb grades of 45 degrees.

  • It is equipped to see in total darkness.

  • Option to record the live video transmission.




Hunter: @carlos3332018

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i'm afraid we already have this listed.

so i've had to delist this one.