Pivothead Smart - Video-Recording Sunglasses

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Pivothead Smart

Video-Recording Sunglasses



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They are sunglasses for video recording, these glasses employ 8 megapixels and an expandable Micro SD memory of up to 32 GB of storage and allows you to capture HD video up to 1080p.



descarga (1).png


Brilliant HD Video

  • Adjustable Resolutions & Frame Rate
  • Multiple Focus Settings
  • Auto Exposure & White Balance
  • Multiple Settings Options

Stunning Photos

  • 8 Megapixel
  • Auto Focus
  • Burst Capture Mode
  • Time Lapse Mode




Hunter: @carlos3332018


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Well now we hage to be careful if someone wearing sunglasses is recording or not. Awesome hunt!

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Hello Friend, Here there is other additional information

The main gif I found it Here

With all due respect, but I do not understand the gif, I have always placed images of other websites, like other hunters


Images should be from the official product page. Modified images can't be accepted. Especially the main image. Could you please change that?


sorry, you can verify friend

The latest advancement in Big Brother technology. If I made this product I would have it beep periodically similar to how people are clued in that telephone calls are being recorded.

A sunglasses which have video recording feature. Nothing is better than this. We can capture the best beautiful moment with this sunglasses. Some people can't even recognize that you are recording a video.

Awesome hunt @carlos3332018 I mean they still have to work on the quality of the video and such, but the idea is pretty amazing. Sounds like something out of the spy movies :D

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @carlos3332018

Except for the privacy concerns this is a really well done product. AR glasses will beat this product eventually. But Ethereum became a thing before EOS did. Plus this one is much cheaper and even pretty low key while remaining stylish. Kind of reminds me of early GoPro.


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