Original Speks 2.5mm - Magnetic Balls to Channel Your Creativity and Relieve Stress

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Original Speks 2.5mm

Magnetic Balls to Channel Your Creativity and Relieve Stress



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Hunter's comment

Original Speks are 2.5mm magnetic balls that can help you reduce your stress or for your creative juices to flow. These magnetic balls come in a pack of 512 or 1000 balls, with your choice of 21 different colors and are a welcome injection of mindfulness and entertainment into your day.


The original in mashable, smashable fun. Made from rare earth magnets in a rainbow of colors, Speks are quite possibly the best stress-relief desk toy around (#humblebrag). Take ‘em wherever you like — they’re the perfect size for work or on-the-go.

Bring a dose of zen wherever the day takes you, whether the boardroom to the dorm room, or somewhere in between. Choose from a range of fun colors and build, mold, sculpt, and engineer limitless shapes and structures. Then mash ‘em up and start all over again!




Hunter: @carlos3332018


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Stress can be dangerous especially when trying to accomplish a goal. This will be a good way to Chanel energy into.

It is not exactly high technology. However, I find it an interesting tool to drain stress. Very common affection today ..


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The magnetic cube, i love this cause it'll work as a stress relieving gadget more like the rubix's cube

That looks quite interesting keeps your mind working and creating new designs while relieving stress nice hunt.

These are pretty cool. If you tend to fidget, this gives you something to occupy your hands with and calm you down if you're a little nervous.

I guess we can create emoticons with this, including poop emoticons 😂
If the magnets can change colors automatically, that will be awesome, sadly it doesn't have that capability.

WOW what an idea to relieve your stress and to feed your creativity!


The modern times man is more stressed and thus requires more of such creative and innovative ways to release it. I really wants to give a big thumbs up to anyone who created this product.

Great work @carlos3332018!

Excellent hunt!

Magnets have always fascinated me and I never knew why. Now I know why, it's because they relieve stress. Nice hunt

Interesting way to use magnet, how these balls are used to relive stress?

I like this magnetic balls so much, would be interesting to play with😄 I normaly can't stop touching my fingers and nails I need one of this!😉


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