JetSurf Race Titanium Board - Designed For Runners And Big Wave Surfers

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JetSurf Race Titanium Board

Designed For Runners And Big Wave Surfers



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JetSurf Race Titanium It is a motorized board designed for runners and big wave surfers, with a two-stroke engine of 100 cc, this table allows you to drive up to 45 minutes at full speed while burning less than a gallon of fuel.


More Features

  • Helmet built with 100% carbon fiber.

  • It can go from 0 to 37 mph in just 2.8 seconds.


  • Three fins under the exhaust for incredibly fast and sharp turns.




Hunter: @carlos3332018

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JetSurf Race Titanium Board is an amazing device to make your sea shore and beaches trip amazing. The board is great in design and 3 fins helps to take fast turns. Great hunt

this seems like a really interesting idea but I believe this will only work in small surfs. I wonder how well the the small engine will be able to handle salt water. I would probably guess this product will probably require a lot of maintenance but it is cool. Thanks for the hunt.

This is class, just right for quieter lakes and rivers where there is little wind. I think it is less suitable for the rough sea. Great hunting, thanks for this information.

Look like a lot of fun. I wonder if it is hard to learn riding it. Once you get comfortable iding it you can do many tricks it seems. Great hunt @carlos3332018!


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