easyFeed - Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Webcam and Amazon Delivery

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Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Webcam and Amazon Delivery



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With easyFeed Automatic Pet Feeder your pet will have all the attention you need, this device automatically dispenses water and food, so that your pet is never without the needs.


It works through the application on your smart device, to offer you a live view, you can even chat with your pet.


  • Equipped with a camera and a Wi-Fi connection so you can see your pet all day.

  • You can set feeding times and keep track of your pet's health.

  • When your pet starts running out of food, easyFeed connects directly to Amazon to order automatically.

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Hunter: @carlos3332018


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Hi @carlos332018,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

This is definitely cool, but for me it seems one more way to avoid getting your pet the quality time with the master. Are we now asking our pets to endure their loneliness with just virtual contact from us? Somehow I doubt that they "get it."