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Get anywhere you want




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The easiest way to go to one place;

When you call with a touch, the car comes directly to the position you are in. Take a ride, your driver knows exactly where to go. When you go where you go, all you have to do is get down from the car you need. Payment is completely seamless.

Everytime everywhere;

Daily commute. Shopping in the city. Flight early in the morning. Meet the friends in the evening. Go to wherever you go, trust Uber to find a car without needing any reservations.

You can find affordable cars at affordable prices every time. Call a black sedan car or SUV on special days, on regular days or just when you need more space.

Since it's written on the system in the first place where you want to go, the driver does not have to struggle to describe where you are going. As the Uber transportation service allows payment by credit card, the necessity of keeping cash is also eliminated. The system that brings together vehicle owners with vehicle owners, Uber 315 serves in the country. You can download this phone app from iOS and Android




Hunter: @cansudeniz


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