Wificoin - Share WiFi and earn

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Share WiFi and earn



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With Wificoin, internet users will get paid token if they share their WiFi with others




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nice idea here

I thought I would be able to make some coin sharing my phone wifi but I am not sure it works like that. Data is damn expensive around here and sharing it with the public for a coin such as this will definitely be at a loss.

This is an amzing way of earning with doing just share your wifi and very helpful for those peoples who need wifi. Great hunt

hmmm, this idea is very unique we can earn money by just sharing our WiFi network. Cool

One of the best way of utilizing your wifi and get reward. People would love to earn token by sharing wifi. Nice hunt


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Wifi is highly needed and I have a cellular plan that offers me unlimited data so this is great one for me and I can earn tokens as well for sharing my internet. Great hunt

Interesting concept for sharing wifi with others to get paid in the token but how it works? when someone using your internet or searching or anything else it will generate tokens? it would be great if it works like it by the way nice hunt man

What a great and amazing hunt. Thats good and beneficial idea. You can only share your wifi and earn money. It is also very helpful for those peoples who need wifi. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

What a unique idea getting paid to share wifi. Great Hunt!

Tokenization everywhere :D

Nice concept but interesting as we can earn tokens for sharing internet through WiFi. Nice technological innovation that gives option to help people and also earn tokens.

Great hunt dear friend
This is awesome idea because now no will be able to access your wifi for free. We can save much money through this by allowing others to use your wifi.
Thanks for sharing with us.

WoW the idea does sounds interesting & i will sure look into it and if everything turns out good will try it out too besides it never hurts to get some extra earnings in the pocket. Nice Find

@camzy, what a cool hunt. Never heard of this before. Didn't know you can use wificoin to earn by sharing the wifi with others. Worth a try but need to be careful with sharing wifi for security. That will be my hesitance there. Great hunt though.

I always wanted to ask people money when turning my mobile's hot spot on or letting them use my Wi-Fi but couldn't due to fear of judgement. I can now charge guests for sharing my Wi-Fi. Crypto ftw.

This stuff is really unique now days sharing internet connection through WiFi is a common thing now with this product we can earn as well for sharing our connection. Great find on the web

will try it,lets see. btw good hunt. its intersting.

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I'll check this out


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