Designar - Build AR Experience for your website

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Build AR Experience for your website



Hunter's comment

I like the idea behind designar cause its moving website experience to a whole new fascinating look
with the Designar you get to add AR objects to your site and looks like a quite useful too for online stores

video below


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Great way of incorporating AR to one's website. I explored Designar website and must say that the feature of drag and drop allowing you to AR on your website is something very cool and great. Also adding AR to your websites increases the attention of the users as well and ultimately leading to leads. Nice hunt friend. Cheers.

Hi @camzy,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Wonderful! Online store owners can benefit from this wonderful tool. Those who need a bit of creativity to make their products come alive can use this AR tool to market their products to customers. Being a simple drag and drop AR tool, it means everybody can use it. Nice hunt!

Very nice, for building VR experience it's a nice application. A use can get this experience in a easy way by using this website. I am sure it will be more interesting and bring fun while using this.

I'm constantly surprised by the AR apps coming out. This one looks quite practical and neat. Hope they find real use and succeed.

AR and VR technologies are changing the way how we interact with things in our daily lives. I can just imagine how a AR embedded web would look like.

Amazing way to make your website more attractive and appealing. It is the best option for store runner to take advantage of technology and make their website more worthy. Nice hunt

It is true that even after the design is good, it is not able to attract proper attention due to not just presenting it well.
But today's hunt will be able to solve the problem. Because there is an opportunity to connect with VR technology and it will be easier to present it in more interesting ways. NICE HUNT @camzy

@camzy your hunt will boost sale like crazy on any e-commerce website, people can visualize the products they bu in AR.

Great hunt

This is awesome. I like it the way you can rorate the objects to see your desired view


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