Wind Oil Press Machine - Nuts + Wind = Best Quality Natural Oil

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Wind Oil Press Machine

Nuts + Wind = Best Quality Natural Oil


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Hunter's comment

The Problem

When we want to make natural oils (especially from grains), it often takes too long and the energy needed is too large.

Then, humans began to make oil industries where the quality of products decreased.

The Solution

Introducing, Wind Oil - A wind powered press machine to solve the problem above.

The machine is made to press nuts and seeds such as walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, linseeds, hazelnuts. The wind power is transformed with a worm drive to make the movement slow but very powerful.

The Benefits

  • Good quality natural oil that we can use for our food everyday.
  • Save time and energy because use Free Power.
  • We can get oil, and we can get the leftover pulp for cooking, our we can use it for feeding animals (it's the healthy protein for them).

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