Septaer - 360° Screen & Camera With Smart A.I

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360° Screen & Camera With Smart A.I


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Kickstarter Link : Already Closed

Project Status: >100% Funded, COOL!

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Product Specifications:

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Comparison With Other Products:

My Review:

Septaer is the latest innovation for smart devices that provide 360 degree capability (viewable on all sides).

What makes Septaer so cool?

Various Impacts of A.I Different

  • Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana.
    You can choose one of the currently available A.I to be your smart assistant.
  • StS (Septaer-to-Septaer) & StM (Septaer-to-Mobile).

Two 180 Degree Cameras.

This implementation ensures you can see from all sides. No need to scramble to see one camera, you just choose one side.

Chat With Many People at Once

Septaer's A.I is able to connect multiple people at once to speak at a digital conference. This is an advanced innovation that will cut the distance, time, and cost.

Audio Set With Personalized Each

Instead of making a conference call, there is a personalized feature to keep the conference going well.

My Thought:

This product is 100% cool !, just imagine when you want to talk via video call with some family, friends, or partners at once. Septaer will provide the facility perfectly.

In addition, ease of use becomes an additional factor.

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Hello @calprut, NICE HUNT

This is my opinion about your product


Cameras are a very important thing now, because with the camera something beautiful we can capture. The camera function is also very wide now. Various kinds of innovations about the camera have been found, including this cool product SAPTAER.

With its smart camera SAPTAER becomes a product that has more advantages over similar products. A good recommendation for a camera product.


I do not have it, the rest of this product is very cool.

yes it's very cool and it's the future hahahah

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