Pool Live Aid - Playing Real Pool Like 8 Ball Pool

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Pool Live Aid

Playing Real Pool Like 8 Ball Pool



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Hunter's comment

Looking For WOW!??, I give you one!

Improve Your Pool, Snooker or Billiards Skills

This is the use of Augmented Reality technology that is very unique, to make it easier for you to improve your playing skills. You can learn about accuracy, direction of the ball, and so on.

Of course, this is very interesting for 8 ball pool lovers like me :joy: - Even "Noob" like me will be able to enter the balls.


Lines of the expected shot onto the table
Animations onto the table
Automatic replay save
Save balls position to train later
Share balls positions for training
Share solved replays for saved positions

Requirement to use this AR software

Short Throw Projector
3D Depth Camera




Hunter: @calprut


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Looks like you need moderately expensive devices to get things running. But the results seem to be worth it. It's greatly helpful for beginners. It's another instance of tech creating pros out of amateurs.


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Nice hunt

Augment reality game
Improve skills
Real game we play




thanks for your comment @lavanyalakshman

Great hunt @calprut!

This could be the next-gen gadget to learn how to play pool or become better.


thanks @ady-was-here
long time no see, where have you been?

I already like playing it and i can't imagine how fun it can be with this live aid. It gives you the perfect direction to pot the ball and control the cue ball. Great hunt.

Pool games areare very, intresting. I love snooker because it is very intresting game . You can make beautifull your leisure time to playimg this beautifull game.

I play pool many years and its still difficult to see the right angles. If I can train with this, I can improve my skills. This seems great, thanks for sharing it.

Billiard and pool clubs can use it to teach people how to play. It can make thia game more interesting than ever. I hope they have for snooker also same system because its the most difficult one. Thanks for the hunt.

Playing pool is already difficult especially if you never played it you can even not take a good shot. After leaning shooting this one can help to learn it better. Great invention. Tanka for sharing

This one will help everyone to play pool. Hitting the target is maybe easy but controlling the white one is not that easy. This one can give you an idea for second shot. I like your hunt thnks for it.

Very fun hunt @calprut! I like it as it reminds me off ice-hokey we used to play in high-school. Maybe I can also improve my pool skills now:))))


LOL, try it dude, you wil have great accuracy improvement @licence2drill


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